About us

Ercé Médical is a leading European plastics engineering company operating in the healthcare sector. We specialize in the design, manufacture and marketing of technical and innovative medical devices. We manufacture a range of own branded medication dosing systems and tubes for homeopathic pellets and globules for pharmaceutical companies.



Recognised as a partner of choice by laboratories, we also provide industrialists in the healthcare sector with our technological know-how and expertise in the development and manufacture of specific products. Erce-Siege.retouché Ercé Médical is a part of the Ercé Plasturgie Group, a family-run private capital group positioned in three sectors at European level:

  • Automobile
  • Industrial
  • Medical

In 2015, the Ercé Plasturgie Group had 210 employees and generated a turnover of 30 million euros.

Discover the Ercé Plasturgie Group website: http://www.erce-plasturgie.com/en/