Patient health is our priority

Our Mission

To provide the healthcare industry with technical and innovative solutions in thermoplastics, creating value while improving patient health.

Our Commitments

A quality approach present at all levels of the company: production, logistics, development, and tools manufacturing. Personnel regularly trained in Good Manufacturing Practices.

Competent, available and responsive teams.

A state-of-the-art manufacturing base, with all the latest machinery and automation technologies.

Ercé Médical is committed to an MDR process for the entire range of Dosing Pipettes.

Sustainable development

As a medical industry, we are aware of and committed to climate change. For this reason we have put in place actions to reduce our impact:

Biosourced material

Development of our range of homeopathic tubes in biosourced material

Energy reduction program

– Installation of electric presses

– Improvement of cooling systems

– Heat recovery to heat the building

– Optimization of internal lighting

Waste sorting and recycling

– Sweet Clean (zero waste in the environment)

– Product Life Cycle Analysis (LCA)

– Waste sorting and recovery

Our Values



It is the strength of the bond between us that allows us to guarantee the success of your projects.



It is by working hand-in-hand with other companies that we can offer the very best value.



It is through initiative and a creative vision that we can continually improve our performance.